Rip Baseball is an advanced baseball program that has been in existence since 2004. The program was founded in San Diego and was the nucleus of some very advanced, aggressive training and play.

Rip is about ‘Raising Individual Performance’, and offers advanced, aggressive baseball players a place to train, workout and share that common goal. Rip isn’t just about training the mechanics of the game, although our trainers are among the best. Rip is a philosophy – aggressive training, aggressive play… step-it-up. It’s not easy, but those players that embrace the Rip philosophy stand out and get noticed. With the number of players vying for the same look, the same opportunity, the same spot… Rip – Raising Individual Performance.

We’re excited to now open our Rip Training Center in the Conejo Valley. We look forward to watching those that become part of Rip work hard, play hard and take their position in baseball.